Come on in…

Hi All, thanks for checking out my blog! My name’s Kate, I’m thirty something and work in telecoms in London but my true love is interiors.

I’m originally from Warrington but I now live in London with my husband, Chris. We moved into our Victorian terrace in Peckham in June 2017 and started on a challenging double storey extension in April ’18. Though it was meant to last  twelve weeks (yep, sure), seven months, two building companies and 365 takeaways later we were done! 

Though we thought we knew what we were doing, we definitely didn’t and as we bare a few scars, I thought that I’d share some of our thoughts and mistakes to help others along on an exciting but sometimes daunting journey!

We’re also expecting our first arrival in October 2019 and had a tough time with the whole fertility thing and so in case anyone is in the same boat I’ve added a separate section on IVF and fertility – shout if you have any questions and thanks for taking the time to read!